Sports: An Indian who welcomes Pakistani cricketers

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Every time the Pakistan cricket team comes to Mohali, a sardar goes up to the players and asks which of them are from Lyallpur and Sargodha. “Koi sadde pind de haige ne munday (Are there any boys from my village)?”

Lyallpur has, of course, now been renamed Faisalabad.

Gurdip Singh Sandhu

Gurdip Singh Sandhu

“My village” is Chak 34 Janoobi, between Faisalabad and Sargodha in Punjab in Pakistan. The sardar is the chief executive officer of the Punjab Cricket Association (PCA), Gurdip Singh Sandhu, a former brigadier in the Indian Army and a decorated national-level athlete.

This March, Pakistan played two of their World Twenty20 matches in Mohali, and Waqar Younis, the Pakistan coach, met Sandhu. It was two days after India had boisterously celebrated a win against Pakistan, but Sandhu was interested only in knowing how his village looked today.

Younis’s maternal grandparents are from the Chak next to Sandhu’s—Chak is an Urdu term for village.

Villages in Punjab in Pakistan, and some parts of Indian Punjab and Rajasthan, too, are named thus: Chak followed by a number followed by further identification.

Younis and Sandhu spoke for a while before the former left to conduct a training session. Read More

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