North Korean defector wants to return home

(From UPI)

Kim Ryon-hui, the North Korean defector who had said she was tricked into traveling to South Korea by Seoul’s spies in China, held a press conference where she reaffirmed her desire to return to the North.

Kim Ryon-hui

Kim Ryon-hui

Kim said she attempted suicide twice while in the South, local news service Oh My News reported. Kim said she had left behind her parents, a physician husband and a daughter in Pyongyang, and that she “now has hope that she should be able to live, and return” to the North Korean capital.

The defector is a South Korean national, and last September Seoul rejected her request for repatriation to the North, citing current laws that ban defectors from leaving once they are naturalized.

Kim has been busy – staging a one-woman protest outside the Unification Ministry since Feb. 24, but on Friday traveled to Masan in South Gyeongnam Province to speak to reporters. Read More

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