Third suspect in Brussels airport attack charged with terrorist murder

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The third suspect in Brussels airport attack, Fayçal Cheffou, has been charged with terrorist murder.

Cheffou is the man white dress and hat caught on CCTV camera at Brussels airport along with two suicide bombers minutes before the two duo blew themselves up Tuesday morning.

Two other men, Aboubakar A. and Rabah N., were also charged with terrorist activities and membership of a terrorist group. Rabah N. was wanted in connection with a related raid in France this week that authorities say foiled an apparent attack plot.

Fayçal Cheffou is said to be third suspect behind Brussels airport attack

Fayçal Cheffou, who calls himself an independent journalist, is the third suspect behind Brussels airport attack

Francophone public broadcaster RTBF says the suspect was identified by the taxi driver who drove the three men to the airport. The judicial authorities have started an investigation against Cheffou.

Cheffou was arrested in front of the premises of the federal judicial authorities last Thursday along with two other suspects who were later released. He remained behind bars as he had a record as a jihad campaigner.

According to press reports, he was once arrested for trying to recruit refugees in the Maximilaan Park and ordered to stay away from the facility.

The Brussels daily Le Soir said the then mayor Yvan Mayeur considered him as “a danger”.

Het Laatste Nieuws said his sister told police about his plans to go to Syria.

Cheffou calls himself an independent journalist.

Airport may resume operations from Tuesday

Brussels Airport in Zaventem is likely to resume passenger flights from Tuesday.


The airport has been completely out of service since the terrorist attacks Tuesday morning. After four days, the technical investigation in the departure hall has been finished.

A “small group of engineers” was allowed inside the building to inspect its stability and check the damage. They also have to find out to what extent data cables and the airport’s ICT system have been hit.

Once the passenger flights resume, Brussels Airport will have to strictly follow the latest safety measures.

Abdeslam not answering questions

Terror suspect Salah Abdeslam is no longer cooperating with investigators. He has not made any statement since the Brussels attacks last Tuesday.

Bruges prison, where Abdeslam was put behind bars in a special unit

Bruges prison where Salah Abdeslam is put behind bars in a special unit

Abdeslam is believed to be one of the key figures in the terrorist network that staged the Paris attacks. Although he was arrested last Friday, three days before Brussels was hit, he was probably playing a key role in the attacks.

After being apprehended eight days ago, he was questioned for the first time last Saturday.

“This took two hours and focused on the key elements in the investigation into the Paris attacks”, the judicial authorities said.

Since last Tuesday, Abdeslam has been exercising his right to silence. He is not answering any questions concerning the Brussels attacks.

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