Lifestyle: The spread of ‘pop-up’ markets in Bangkok

(From Bangkok Post)

As the city’s iconic bazaars like Khong Thom, Sapan Lek and Pratu Nam have been cleared out for “peace and order,” a new breed of market has changed the way some Bangkokians perceive the meaning of good old talat.

Shoppers at a pop-up market in Bangkok

Shoppers at a pop-up lifestyle market in Bangkok

“Lifestyle market” has popped up in Bangkok’s empty lots and squares almost every weekend over the past year. They’re usually well-organized, balmy, and clearly targeted at the middle class or higher. The last two months of 2015 alone had 16 events, all run by different entities, including big names such as The Great Outdoor Market, Art Box, Noise Market and Area Five Art & Market Fair.

There’s really no one name to call them. Suggested names have included “flea market”, “vintage market”, “creative market”, “outdoor festival”, or “slow-life market.” However, an easy and all-encompassing name that best describes them would be “pop-up lifestyle markets”.

Feeding the ever-growing hipster scene, pop-up lifestyle markets are characterised by their renegade and nomadic nature, cool locations (usually an abandoned lot), well laid-out and photogenic Kinfolk-style decor (fairy lights and straw bundle chairs), a front area with a pretty backdrop to take photos and check-in on Facebook and Instagram, a main stage area for musical acts (usually cover bands or famous local indie bands), and, of course, a multitude of booths, selling items from local designers, craft makers, collectors, cooks, bakers, and your average Joe looking to make some money from his side-hobby. Malls are still here, but the eventification of “market” is the sign of our times. Read More

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