Iranian MP says women and donkeys have no place in parliament

(From Telegraph)

Days after Iranian women secured 14 seats in the parliamentary elections, a male MP has come under pressure to quit for his misogynistic views.

Iranian women attend a meeting of Iran's main conservative parties, ahead of parliamentary elections

Women attend a meeting of Iran’s main conservative parties ahead of parliamentary elections

Last week, during a victory speech after being re-elected as MP for the city of Urmia, Nader Qazipour said women and donkeys have no place in parliament.

“Parliament is not the place for donkeys and foals, monkeys and women,” Qazipour, 57, said amid cheers from his group of supporters, largely made up of men.

Reformist news groups denounced the MP’s comments and called it the ‘Nader-gate’ scandal.

This week, the MP apologized for the “misunderstanding” caused by his speech.

“I was carried away by the jubilation of the election among my supporters, and said something in error,” he said. “I express my regret, and do hope the misunderstanding will be alleviated.” Read More




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