Fashion: Hong Kong to boost its home brands in Korea

(From Korea Times)

The Hong Kong government has decided to provide additional support for emerging Hong Kong fashion brands in Korea over the next three years, said Jerry Liu, the head of Create Hong Kong (CreateHK).

CreateHK is the dedicated office set up by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to spearhead the development of creative industries in the region.

Jerry Liu

Jerry Liu

“My office CreateHK is, at the moment, overseeing the entire promotion of Hong Kong fashion,” said Liu during an interview with The Korea Times, last Wednesday. “I need to spend more time to understand the policies in other parts of Asia and around the world in terms of government support devoted to promoting their own fashion and design industries. And South Korea, of course, is important to us.”

Liu said he is particularly interested in Korea because it shares a similar history with Hong Kong from the late 50s and early 60s.

“Textiles are the first step leading to the fashion industry. And both South Korea and Hong Kong have that strong tradition of manufacturing high quality fabrics. Of course, the fashion industries of both nations at this point have the knowhow and experience to produce full lines and set the pace with worldwide fashion trends. Both are attracting a strong core of talented young people,” said Liu. Read More

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