Chinese writer Jia Jia linked to Xi resignation letter freed

(From AP)

“A Chinese writer linked to the investigation of an online petition calling for the Chinese president’s resignation has been released, his lawyer confirmed on Saturday.

Jia Jia

Jia Jia

Jia Jia, who was taken away by police on March 15 from a Beijing airport, on Friday night informed friends in a private social media group of his safety. His lawyer Yan Xin confirmed that Jia was free, had met his wife and ” although he was staying in a hotel ” could return home any time.

“Thank you, everyone,” Jia posted in the social media. “I dare not forget your concerns.”

Jia, who has declined media interviews, apparently is part of a high-profile investigation into an anonymous letter that criticized President Xi Jinping’s rule and called for him to step down. It briefly appeared on the government-controlled news site in early March.

“We don’t think Comrade Xi Jinping has the ability to lead the party and the country into the future. We don’t think he’s suitable to be the general secretary of the party,” said the letter, which was signed by “Loyal Communist Party Members” and dated March 2016. Read More

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