Chinese media mistakenly calls Xi Jinping nation’s ‘last leader’

(From The Guardian)

The Chinese government’s official news and propaganda agency has been forced to issue a correction after an apparent editing mistake saw it refer to President Xi Jinping as China’s “last leader.”

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

The error appeared on Sunday afternoon in a story about the annual National People’s Congress which ends on 16 March in Beijing.

Just over an hour after the incorrect article was published, Xinhua circulated a correction, requesting the wording be changed from “last leader” to “top leader”,the Hong Kong-based newspaper Ming Pao reported.

By Monday afternoon, Chinese news outlets appeared to have followed those instructions, restoring Xi to his correct position as the country’s paramount leader.

Xinhua appeared to have purged the offending article from its website. Those trying to access the piece found the message: “Sorry, the article you have searched for has been deleted.”  Read More

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