China to block North Korea ships from returning home: Sankei Shimbun

(From UPI)

By Elizabeth Shim

China could soon be blocking the return of North Korean ships in Chinese ports from returning to their country of origin.

Foreign ships docked at Qingdao, China

Foreign ships docked at Qingdao, China

After supporting the adoption of a sanctions resolution in early March at the United Nations Security Council, China is getting ready to enforce the new laws at its ports, Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported Wednesday, local time.

According to unidentified Chinese trade officials specializing in North Korea-China exchanges, any North Korean ships already docked at Chinese ports are to be banned from leaving for home, starting Thursday.

China has made other moves, including placing embargoes against North Korean ships entering Dandong, a border city that faces the Yalu River.

Chinese authorities are also tightening restrictions on remittances to North Korea, as all existing branches of North Korean banks in U.N. member states are to be closed within 90 days of the sanctions that passed on March 2. Read more

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