China detains dozens after sales of poorly stored vaccines

(From AP)

Police in eastern China have detained 37 people implicated in a scandal involving the selling of poorly refrigerated and probably ineffective vaccines, state media reported Wednesday.


The scandal came to light after police last month announced the detentions of a woman and daughter thought to have sold nearly $100 million worth of the suspect products nationwide since 2011.

The scandal re-enforces long-standing concerns among the public over the safety of food and medicine. Nine pharmaceutical wholesalers believed to have sold the vaccines are being investigated.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang issued orders late Tuesday for government administrations to work together to conduct a thorough investigation. Along with prosecuting the criminals involved, government officials found guilty of negligence should be held to account, Li said, according to the official government website.

“This vaccine safety incident has created deep concern among the public and laid bare numerous regulatory loopholes,” Li was quoted as saying. Read More

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