Video extols China’s party slogans, turning to rap and Beethoven

(From the New York Times)


By Vanessa Piao and Patrick Boehler

China’s Communist Party propagandists turned to rap and Beethoven this week in their quest to reach a target audience often rendered indifferent to dull party slogans by lifelong consumption.

Xinhua cartoon video image

Xinhua cartoon video image

“It is everyone’s dream, to build a moderately prosperous society comprehensively,” goes the song in a cartoon video released by Xinhua, the state news agency. It extols the “Four Comprehensives,” priorities that President Xi Jinping laid out in December 2014:

• Comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society,

• Comprehensively deepen reform,

• Comprehensively govern the country according to the law,

• Comprehensively apply strictness in governing the party.

State news media have since praised the priorities as a guide to realizing the China Dream, a concept of national strength and prosperity that Mr. Xi has also put forth. Read more/See video

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