Travel: The spirit of Asia

(From Deccan Herald)

A wizened old lady sat outside her minuscule shop, strung with colourful T-shirts and doodads, eyes almost unseeing yet all-knowing. In the seven decades of her life, she had seen much she told us, a wan smile lighting her face.

Georgetown, Penang island

George Town in Penang island is a UNESCO World Heritage site

We were in George Town, the main city of Penang Island in Malaysia, brimming with character and a certain swagger that comes from knowing that it has a rich history, dating back to its life as a trading post in the colonial era.

The historic heart of George Town yet reeks of its colonial past, she said, but it is also garnished with dashes of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences. Indeed George Town seems to have kept the 21st century at arm’s length; time has not just bypassed this UNESCO World Heritage site, it has skulked past like a defeated thief — empty handed. Read More

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