Lifestyle: Tokyo zoo stages ‘zebra escape’

(From Japan Today)

TOKYO — A zebra escaped from its enclosure in a Japanese zoo on Tuesday, giving one keeper a heart attack and injuring another—at least that was the scenario of a drill aimed at dealing with runaway animals.

The zebra—actually a zoo staff member dressed up in a furry suit—supposedly bolted from a cage at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo after an earthquake destroyed its enclosure.

It then wandered around the zoo before ramming into a wall and sending a keeper to hospital with a heart attack.

Zebra escape drill at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo

Zebra escape drill at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo

After injuring another keeper, the zebra was subdued with a fake stun gun and bundled onto a nearby pick-up truck, as curious zoo visitors looked on, laughing and taking photos.

“The zebra is an animal that easily panics,” said 27-year-old Yumi Tamura, who dressed as the zebra but usually cares for gorillas and monkeys.

“I myself felt panicky when acting it out,” she told reporters.

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