Indonesian police warned of IS plot to put cyanide in their food

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The Islamic State (IS) may be planning attack of a different kind in Indonesia after it claimed responsibility for the January 14 gun and bomb strikes in Jakarta.

After the Jan. 14 Jakarta bomb strikes, IS may be planning to launch cyanide attacks

After the Jan. 14 Jakarta bomb strikes, IS may be planning to launch cyanide attacks

A leaked IS plot reveals that the group may resort to putting cyanide in food supplies to terrorize people, especially security forces who are targeting them, Indonesian security minister Luhut Pandjaitan said.

“We have considered various forms of threats and we are prepared to face such a possibility (of cyanide poisoning),” Luhut told reporters in Jakarta on Tuesday, The Strait Times reports.

The remarks came a day after the national police chief, Gen Badrodin Haiti, said police had picked up intelligence that some militants were planning to put cyanide in food to be served to police and military personnel.

In a recent circular to provincial police chiefs, Gen Badrodin said police personnel should be constantly reminded of the IS plot to kill them by using cyanide-laced food stuff.

According to him, the militants got this idea after the murder of Mirna Salihin who died after drinking cyanide-laced iced coffee given to her by a friend in January 2016. The incident grabbed media attention,.

General Badrodin said the militants may be targeting police and military personnel, especially those involved in anti-terror raids and other activities.

Militants in Indonesia have increasingly targeted the police for foiling their plans to launch attacks against Western targets.

In 2012, a computer service technician Santhanam was arrested in Jakarta along with an accomplice over a plot to poison police using cyanide-laced chili.

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