Fashion: ‘I always want more …’


Hong Kong/UK fashion blogger Zoe Suen writes:

“Here’s to coffee…for being there for me even when I’m my crankiest (circa first year of uni’s daily 9am lectures) and least enthused. Needless to say, when I was asked to make my choice for Swatch‘s phrase ‘I always Want More ___’ for their campaign as this season’s London Fashion Week partner, there were no hesitations. So, it was only appropriate for me to shoot mid-wake up, and in clothes that might as well be a duvet (the shoes are surprisingly cushy). I don’t even know how some people manage to do fashion week in a full circuit and still stay awake for photos/ make it in time for early shows, but I don’t doubt that caffeine and a good watch  have something to do with it. For me, I’ll take a black americano (thanks to Department of Coffee and Social Affairs) and this manly Swatch number any day (also on rotation; this simple black one which is becoming a fast favourite for easy accessorising, and this one for a cute pop of red against an otherwise predictably black wardrobe).” Read more


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