China maintains respect, and a museum, for a US general

(From the New York Times)

By Jane Perlez

Early in his tenure as commander of the United States’ World War II mission in China, Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell expressed a grudging fondness for the damp, ramshackle capital deep in the country’s southwest that would be his base for the next several years. “Chungking isn’t half bad when the sun shines,” the plain-spoken general wrote in his diary, using the spelling of the period. But his tolerance for the underserviced, refugee-laden town perched high above the Yangtze River did not last. A year later, he composed a five-stanza poem that went, in part: “The garbage is rich, as it rots in the ditch, And the honey-carts scatter pollution.” By the time General Stilwell was recalled … Read more

US Gen. "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell

US Gen. “Vinegar Joe” Stillwell

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