Russia moves ahead with building new aircraft carriers

(From The National Interest)

After decades of effort to reconstitute its shipbuilding industry following the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia looks set to regain a key ability: Moscow will be able to build aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships domestically as soon as 2019.


While Moscow has one conventionally powered aircraft carrier—the Admiral Kuznetsov—in service, the vessel was built at the Nikolayev shipyards in Ukraine. Following the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia lost access to those facilities, which had built every one of Moscow’s previous aircraft carriers. As such, Russia has had to reconstitute its aircraft carrier industrial base within its current borders.

“We’ll be ready to begin construction of helicopter carriers as well as aircraft carriers,” Alexey Rakhmanov, president of Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), recently told Rossiya’24. “If you take up the technological capability for building aircraft carriers, we hope to acquire it by the beginning of 2019 as long as modernization works are completed.” Read More

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