Probe underway into mosque visit by IS suspects in Thailand

(From Bangkok Post)

An investigation is under way into reports that three people with suspected links to Islamic State (IS) terrorists had sneaked into southern Thailand late last year to meet religious leaders and give them funds for a mosque and to spread IS ideology among students.


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said authorities are verifying the report that three suspects – Indonesian, Malaysian and Singapore nationals – gave donations to religious leaders at a mosque in Narathiwat’s Sungai Kolok district.

However, he declined to elaborate saying that would only help the perpetrators to escape. Moreover the government does not want to create panic among the people, he said.

Narathiwat Special Task Force 36 is investigating the matter but no arrests have been made, said Fourth Region Army commander Wiwat Pathomphak.

Earlier, three other suspects had been detained for their role in violence in the South. However, they did not have any links with IS.

Residents of Sungai Kolok said two people from Indonesia and Malaysia had visited religious leaders at the mosque.

They did not suspect anything as individuals or representatives from organizations from Muslim countries usually visited the mosque to give scholarships to religious schools in the area, said Wichuda Awae, deputy chief of the tambon Muno administrative organisation at Sungai Kolok. Read More 

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