Koreans leaving South Korea for better jobs

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South Korea is saying goodbye to its immigrating citizens like never before.

Departing Korea

Departing Korea

Some are leaving to avoid unemployment; others are just tired of the competitive nature of Korean society.

According to data from the country’s Ministry of Justice, 52,093 people gave up their Korean citizenship from 2013 to July of 2015.

Last year, 1,332 people renounced their South Korean citizenship, a 95 percent increase from 677 in 2014.

An additional 18,150 dual citizens chose to let go of their South Korean citizenship — 61 percent of those dual citizens lived in the United States. Eighteen percent lived in Canada; 11 percent in Japan; and 6 percent in Australia.

In contrast, applications for South Korean citizenship have been on a yearly decline since 2011. Just over 17,000 people became Korean citizens last year, a 25 percent decrease from 2013′s 21,266 people.

South Korea is currently undergoing a job market crisis. Youth unemployment hit a 15-year-high this year, meaning fresh-faced college grads are struggling more than ever in a notoriously high-stress, overtime-binging working culture. Read more


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