In book, Xi Jinping taints ousted rivals with talk of plots

(From the New York Times)

The strip lighting and plastic chairs of the Xinhua bookstore on Dongdaqiao Road don’t invite people to linger, and the government-owned store, in the basement of a mall, was deserted on Monday afternoon.

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

Yet something momentous was on the “new arrivals” shelf by the entrance: a book containing the first public and official declaration by President Xi Jinping of “political plot activities” by senior Communist Party officials “to wreck and split the party” — code words for a coup attempt, several Chinese analysts said. Its release was a signal, they said, that the challenge was over, that the party had agreed on what happened and that Mr. Xi wanted people to know that he had overcome his adversaries.

“Edited Excerpts From Discussions by Xi Jinping on Tightening Party Discipline and Rules” is a slim volume that sells for 13.6 renminbi, or about $2. As its title suggests, it’s no political thriller.

Rather, it’s a sober collection of 200 extracts from more than 40 internal speeches and essays by Mr. Xi from 2012, when he rose to power, to late last year, according to the publisher, the party’s Central Documents Press. Read more

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