Comelec chief leads fun run to mark countdown to Philippine polls

(From The Philippines Star)

A Friday fun run around the square in front of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) main office in Intramuros kick-started the 100-day countdown to the May 9 local and national polls in the Philippines.

Comelec chief Andres Bautista kicks off the 100-day countdown to the May 9 polls in front of the Manila Cathedral Friday

Comelec chief Andres Bautista (2nd R) kicks off the 100-day countdown to the May 9 polls in front of Manila Cathedral Friday

Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista led the fun run, accompanied by running priest Robert Reyes and several others from the poll body and urban poor groups.

Bautista and Reyes dramatized their call for clean elections by carrying broomsticks during the run.

“We need the help of the public and the media to make sure that our elections will be orderly,” Bautista told reporters after running around Plaza Roma.

The elections chief said that while it is the duty of the Comelec to count the votes correctly, “voters have the responsibility to vote right.”

He admitted the Comelec is behind schedule in its preparations, but stressed that it is coping nevertheless.

“It’s hard to put in percentages, but yes, we are still trailing,” he said when asked how much catching up the poll body would have to do.

“But we are just continuing with our preparations. We don’t want to rush because the more you rush, the more you may commit mistakes,” he said. Read More

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