World community should respect Internet sovereignty: Xi

(From China Daily)

President Xi Jinping says the international community should respect the “Internet sovereignty” of individual countries and build a “multilateral, democratic, and transparent” global Internet governance system.

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers the key note speech at World Internet Conference in

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaking at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen

“Based on the principle of mutual respect and mutual trust, the international community should increase dialogues and cooperation, reform global Internet governance, and make the cyberspace a peaceful, secure and open place,” Xi said at the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Internet Conference, in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province on Wednesday.

Xi went on to say that the global Internet governance reform needs to be based on a principle of Internet sovereignty.

“We should respect the rights of individual countries in choosing their own Internet development path, Internet governance, and Internet policies and take part in cyberspace governance on an equal basis and not push cyberspace hegemony or interfere in other countries’ internal affairs or engage in or support cyberspace activities that jeopardize the national security of others.” Read More

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