Travel: Cool and alluring Almora

(From Deccan Chronicle)

I am standing on the hallowed soil of the hill station Almora that has hosted innumerable distinguished personalities through the decades. A person no less than Swami Vivekananda set his foot here before he undertook his famous journey to Chicago to speak about Hinduism before an audience drawn from all parts of the world. I am in that town with celebrity connection.


The renowned dancer Uday Shankar loved the place and set up his first dance school in the town in 1930s even as world war raged through the world. His nephew, the famous musician Anand Shankar, composed a piece he named Almora.

Several prominent leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, Acharya Narendra Dev were imprisoned in Almora’s jail during the freedom struggle. Sir Ronald Ross, who won the Noble Prize for medicine in 1902, was born at Almora to a British army officer. Rabindranath Tagore chose this town to recoup from the grief caused by the loss of his child. Read More

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