Travel: 5 things to do in Busan, South Korea


By Verniece Enciso

Busan is the second largest city in the Korea and definitely a hidden gem for all the tourists out there. I had such an amazing time with RAKSO that I was surprised that it is one of Asia’s most under rate cities. As a traveller, we want a bang for the buck and Busan is a city that you surely can because everything anyone facies to do when traveling is there! 🙂

I made sure to list down my top 5 favourites for you and here they are:

1. Go back in time and learn about Busan’s culture by going temple hopping.  On our first day, I was fortunate to see where the Koreans settled back in the 1950’s. Don’t you love the intricate details of Korean temples? If Japan has a very clean aesthetic, Koreans don’t miss out on little pretty details! Read more

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