Two arrested over plot to attack Australian police buildings, naval base

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Police have arrested two men for an alleged plot to attack police buildings and an inner-city naval base in Sydney.

Mohamed Almaouie is arrested by police

Mohamed Almaouie is arrested by police

Mohammed Almaouie, 20, and Abdullah Salihy, 24, were arrested from their homes in Bankstown and Merrylands respectively early Wednesday during an operation codenamed Appleby, New South Wales Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said.

Police said the duo, along with five others arrested earlier, had made hand-written notes on pads that mentioned proposed attacks on several targets including Australia Federal Police (AFP) headquarters, NSW Police buildings and the Garden Island naval base in Woolloomooloo and “guerilla warfare” in the Blue Mountains.

Earlier this month, police arrested five people, including a teen and Almaouie’s older brother, Jibryl. Documents were seized during the raids and they were charged.

Abdullah Salihy is arrested by police.

Abdullah Salihy is arrested by police.

Police recovered arms and literature on guerrilla warfare and combat from Jibryl’s home in Wiley Park.

Salihy’s home was also raided two weeks ago as part of the investigation into the AFP plot.

His older brother, Mohammed, was targeted in sweeping pre-dawn counter-terrorism raids in September 2014, relating to a plot to allegedly pluck a random person from the streets and kill him.

French national deported

A French national carrying extremist material was detained at an Australian airport and subsequently deported two days after the deadly attacks in Paris, Australia’s immigration minister said Wednesday.

The man, who had traveled to Australia from the Middle East, was stopped at Melbourne Airport on Nov. 15 and found to be carrying three cans of mace along with extremist material on his mobile devices.

Australian officials liaised with their French counterparts and held the man overnight at an immigration detention center before deporting him to France.

France foils jihadi attack

French authorities say they thwarted a jihadi attack last week in an area near the central French city Orleans.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Tuesday on a visit near Toulouse that the planned attack targeted “soldiers, police and representatives of the state,” and that two French citizens aged 20 and 24 were arrested on Dec. 19.

Cazeneuve said that the two were in contact with a French jihadi in Syria and that an investigation is going to establish the exact links between the thwarted attack and the jihadi.

Cazeneuve said this brings the total number of foiled attacks in France to 10 since 2013. He also said that 3,414 people have been turned away from France’s borders since a state of emergency was declared after last month’s Paris attacks.

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