N. Korea capable of making one nuke weapon with less than 6kg of plutonium?

(From Arirang)

Has North Korea improved its ability to produce nuclear weapons?

That seems to be the case as multiple government sources said Friday the nuclear state has reached a level where it could produce one nuclear weapon with less than six kilograms of plutonium.

This is unusual as it normally requires some six kilograms of plutonium to produce one nuclear weapon.

A source speaking on condition of anonymity said the assessment comes as Pyongyang is suspected to have manufactured multiple nuclear weapons.

Seoul’s defense ministry estimates North Korea possesses a total of some 40 kilograms of plutonium.
This means North Korea has developed the capability to produce more than eight nuclear weapons.

While Seoul says it is unclear on how many weapons Pyongyang possesses, the U.S. Heritage Foundation estimates the regime has eight nuclear weapons in its arsenal. Read more


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