Malaysian Airline downing — a terrorist operation*

(From the American Center for Democracy)

By Stephen Bryen

New evidence shows that flight MH370, the Malaysian airline heading toward Beijing on the night of March 8, 2014 and has yet to be found, lost electrical power hours before it stopped flying.  This is consistent with the theory that MH370 was not due to any deliberate manipulation of the aircraft by the pilot, or even by onboard terrorists physically in control of the plane. The entire electrical system was blown out.  Only an emergency beacon, which is located above the heads of the pilots in the cockpit ceiling, temporarily stopped operating and then switched to its own separately located backup power source.
This evidence results from work done in Australia by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.
MH370How would this happen?
The most likely theory is that there was an explosion in the plane.  The explosion was either in the forward cargo hold or in a seat in the first class section, or in the hands of a passenger probably in the first class section. The explosion caused a fire, which most likely was observed from an oil rig and reported, depressurizing the cabin, and knocking  the flight crew and passengers unconscious.
No cell Phone Calls
This scenario explains why there were absolutely no cell phone calls for help.  The crew and passengers were all unconscious or dead.
MH370, when the explosion took place, altered course and seemed to turn back toward Malaysia.  It was tracked by Malaysian primary radar.  The aircraft transponder, which would have provided much more information, was not working so the Air Traffic Control radar tracking system (secondary radar) did not pick it up.
Who claimed Responsibility?
All of this points to the fact that MH370 was a terrorist operation.  Only one group claimed responsibility -a Uighur organization, the East Turkestan Independence Movement (ETIM) also known as the Turkestan Islamic Party.
The Uighur heartland stretches from western China to Kyrgyzstan.  Uighur rebel Abdullah Mansour told Reuters from an undisclosed location that the intent [of the MH370 operation]  was to bring the Holy Fight to China.  “The fight against China is our Islamic responsibility and we have to fulfill it.”  More than half the passengers on MH370 were Chinese. Read more

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