Lifestyle: Café Bora – Magic, Mystery, Piety, Royalty

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Tired of all the hipster cafes, chain stores and places with Seoul-less food?

Bingsu (shaved iced)

Bingsu (shaved iced)

Wander down back alleys and thoroughfares, and you will find that beneath the veneer of the city, traditions still thrive even in Seoul. Café Bora, located at the end of such an alley, is the one and only café we would like to recommend after tasting its desserts, soaking in its ambience, and learning its backstory.

“A noble name, Bora (purple)”

Purple – the colour of magic, mystery, devotion and royalty.

Magic in the desserts: “Natural down to the last drop of water.”

When it comes to food, pictures say a thousand words. Café Bora’s magic is evident here, isn’t it? Each dessert, served with sincerity and style. And the most important point? “We thought about how some people wanted to eat desserts even though they might be on a diet, and that’s how we came up with the concept of a healthy dessert. We used natural ingredients, sourced from all over the country, and came up with concoctions that anyone can enjoy regardless of their diet and age,” said Shin Seon Ho, one of the owners of the café, during the interview with us. Regardless of whether you might be very health-conscious or not, the light desserts at Café Bora are definitely easy on the eye, tongue, stomach and… waistline. Abracadabra. Pure magic. Do not say you were not warned. Read more

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