In China, role of gov’t and needs of market economy still clash

(From Caixin Online)

Unless a modern system for civil service is built, efforts to continue reform and opening up will continue to face obstacles

By Fan Bi

The Chinese government has been playing the role of administrator of public affairs under market economy conditions for about a decade, and its governance ability is still developing.

chiflag2A modern system of public administration relies on civil servants with modern management ideas. Since the reforms of the late 1970s, civil servants’ professional skills and educational backgrounds have improved significantly. But at the same time, many still lack an understanding of the core values of public administration. For instance, some government employees lack a respect for the rights of individuals and tend to use public power to intervene in private matters. Others have little understanding of the spirit of a contract, so they refuse the take responsibility for the unfinished work of their predecessors.

Political and economic systems differ among countries, but the core values and norms of civil servants are generally consistent, such as limits on power and the social contract theory. Without understanding these ideas, civil servants hardly meet the requirements of modern state governance. Read more



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