FBI: San Bernardino killers were ‘radicalized,’ took target practice

(From AP)

The couple who carried out the San Bernardino massacre had been radicalized and had taken target practice at area gun ranges, in one case within days of the attack that killed 14 people, the FBI said Monday.

In a chilling twist, authorities disclosed that a year before the rampage, Syed Farook’s co-workers at the county health department underwent “active-shooter” training in the very conference room where he and his wife opened fire on them last Wednesday.

It was not immediately clear whether Farook attended the autumn 2014 training session on how to react to a workplace gunman, county spokeswoman Felisa Cardona said. It was held for members of the department’s environmental health division, where Farook was a restaurant inspector. Read more

Tashfeen Malik (l) and Syed Farook

Tashfeen Malik (l) and Syed Farook


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