Fashion: Missoni


This is the first time I am featuring Missoni on my blog and I couldn’t be happier! I still remember learning about this iconic Italian fashion house back in college and being amazed at how a genre so distinct and defined as ‘knitwear’ and ‘stripes’ can do so well for itself. Missoni has it’s physical store in the DLF Emporio Mall, New Delhi and they recently had a private preview of the Fall/ Winter 2015 collection.

I picked out my favorite pieces from the collection in store and came up with this look for the winter. Hope you guys like it. I love the way it naturally feels so retro and almost hippie to me. The cape-coat was a such a warm cozy cover for the look and in orange! It’s a bummer the sun has been feeling too shy these days in Delhi, because of the dastardly winter-pollution cover that envelopes us so I had to make do with the bad natural lighting but luckily the outfit itself had the vibrant ‘Missoni‘ colors so it more than compensated. Read more


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