China Telecom’s chief under investigation

(From Shanghai Daily)

The Party chief and president of China Telecom is being investigated for possible ‘serious violations of discipline,” the euphemism for graft, the top anti-corruption authority said Sunday.

Chang Xiaobing

Chang Xiaobing

The Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection did not elaborate, but financial news website said Chang Xiaobing, 58, was taken in for questioning on Saturday and could not be reached by telephone since then.

The website quoted several unnamed “insiders” from China Telecom — one of the country’s top three telecom firms — and claimed it has canceled its annual conference, which was scheduled to open today in Beijing.

“It’s a very important annual meeting and all directors of provincial branches have to attend, as well as some leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,” a middle-level executive was quoted as saying, on condition of anonymity. Read More

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