Assad haters livid as Obama ‘accepts Russia’s stance’ on Syria

(From Sputnik)

President Barack Obama appears to have finally abandoned the Assad-must-go stance and agreed that the Syrians are the ones who can and will decide the future of their country – something Russia has long advocated, investigative journalist Robert Parry says.


Although this is a positive development for Syria, US hardliners and their Middle Eastern allies, who tried to push through a “regime change” scenario in Syria, are not happy about it.

“Obama finally ceded to the more democratically defensible position that the Syrian people should pick their own leaders. After all, if Obama is right about how much the Syrian people hate Assad, elections would empower them to implement their own ‘regime change’ through the ballot box,” the analyst observed.

“But that uncertain outcome is not what the [neocons] want. They want a predetermined result – Assad’s ouster – regardless of the Syrian people’s wishes.”

Parry’s opinion piece came in response to a Washington Post editorial, chastising the Obama administration for what they see as an about-face following four years of a (failed) “Assad-must-go” strategy. Read More

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