World must speak in one voice against terrorism: Modi in UK Parliament

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On a day when a new video by Islamic State warned Russia of imminent attacks that will make blood spill like an ocean, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted nations to isolate terrorists and those who harbor them.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the British Parliament Thursday

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the British Parliament Thursday

Addressing MPs in British Parliament’s Royal Gallery, Modi, who is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the UK in 10 years, said the world must speak in one voice and act in unison to combat terrorism, calling it a “challenge of our times.”

Dwelling on terrorism among other subjects during his 25-minute speech, Modi said there should be no distinction between terrorist groups or discrimination between nations.

“We need a social movement against extremism in countries where it is most prevalent and, every effort to de-link religion and terrorism,” he said.

Terrorism and extremism are a global force that are larger than their changing names, groups, territories and targets.

On the situation in the sub-continent, Modi said India wants an Afghanistan that is shaped by the dreams of the great Afghan people, not by “irrational fears and overreaching ambitions” of others.

“We are living in a world where instability in a distant region quickly reaches our doorsteps and we see this in the challenges of radicalization and refugees. The fault lines are shifting from the boundaries of nations into the web of our societies and the streets of our cities,” he said.

Stating that he is truly honoured to speak in the British Parliament, Modi said even in this globalized world, London is still the standard for our times.

He said Indians invest more in Britain than in the rest of European Union combined not because they want to save on interpretation costs, but because they find an environment that is welcoming and familiar.

India is the third largest source of Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) projects in the UK.

Stating that India is new bright spot of hope and opportunity for the world, the Prime Minister said India among other things is igniting the engines of its manufacturing sector and making its farms more productive and more resilient.

“If you visit India, you will experience the wind of change,” he told his audience. On domestic issues, Modi said federalism is no longer the fault line of Centre-State relations, but the definition of a new partnership of Team India.

“Citizens now have the ease of trust, not the burden of proof and process. Businesses find an environment that is open and easy to work in,” he said.


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