Travel: Sun and sand in Kanyakumari

(From Deccan Herald)

I watched intently as the bright orange sun dipped in the azure waters of the sea. One moment it was there, watching over the scores of us assembled at the View Tower to witness its beauty, and the very next moment it was gone, becoming one with the sea.


It was not for the first time that I was watching the sunset. But, witnessing the spectacle of the sun setting at Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of my country India, made it all the more special.

I looked around. The crowd that had gathered was slowly melting away. I continued to sit there, reliving the beauty I had just witnessed, enjoying my silent communion with the sea at a distance. The experience was truly humbling, to say the least.

Early next morning, it was time for another dazzling spectacle — the sunrise. I ran up the stairs of my hotel to witness the early morning show, thinking I’d be the only one there. But I was wrong. There were over 20 other early birds like me, readying their cameras.That was when it occurred to me — in my enthusiasm to catch the sunrise, I had forgotten my fully-charged camera back at my room.

However, I didn’t want to risk going back to the room to bring my camera for the fear of missing THE moment. And, I’m glad for my thoughtfulness. For, the sun rose within the next few minutes, making my jaw drop. All I could hear was the furious clicking of cameras, while I captured the sudden burst of light with my eyes. Read more

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