Meet the Chinese military’s new ‘jeep’

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By Andrew P. Collins

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China have reportedly selected their next official off-road SUV; the Yongshi Warrior. These have actually been around for years, but have just been green-lit for official military duty.

Chinamil says six variations of the vehicle were vetted, and have been running all over China for over three-quarter-million miles of testing since 2007.

Yongshi Warrior

Yongshi Warrior

Details on what, if any, special treatment the military-spec version get seems scarce. But we do know that the Yongshi Warrior was built by supersized Chinese car-making conglomerate Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd. (BAIC). Specifically, a division called Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd. (BAW) that specializes in off-road vehicles and light trucks.

The Yongshi Warrior is said to have an all-metal fully enclosed body, with joints sealed-in “for more reliability” and ostensibly protection. Apparently a “soundproof cotton” mitigates engine noise inside the cabin.

An indvidual named Li Qinnan, identified as a “researcher of the vehicle,” is quoted saying; “The SUV uses supercharging electrically controlled common rail diesel engine system suitable for plateau environment. The engine system can effectively enhance the power and acceleration performance of the vehicle, even in snow-covered plateau areas.” Read more

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