Lifestyle: 2,300 people to dance like the walking dead

(From Japan Today)

Halloween just keeps getting bigger in Japan. While stores are full of all sorts of cute paraphernalia to mark the celebration and a number of Halloween activities are marked on the calendar, there’s one very special event that’s bigger and more unusual than any other in Tokyo.


In fact, it’s so popular the organisers sold all 2,000 tickets in one evening and are now offering an extra 300 tickets to those who get in quick by applying online.

It’s the Zombie Party Village, which comes alive once a year with thousands of walking dead — all of whom are free to dance to their unbeating heart’s content without being bothered by angry mobs and cross-bearing priests. If you’d like to be a part of the 2,300-strong zombie dance collective, read on to find out all the details after the break.

The event, held at Magic Beach in Koto-ku, Tokyo, welcomes zombies from all professions — nurses, police officers, students, salarymen, office ladies, you name it — because there’s no specific dress code when it comes to the zombie apocalypse.

Magic Beach will have a number of food and drink stalls and it’s also a designated BBQ facility, so zombies can enjoy drinking, eating and dancing while the DJ pumps out tunes. Eating brains won’t be necessary.

And if you’re not entirely confident with your makeup skills, you’ll be able to book into one of the makeup booths on-site, where professional artists will turn you into the best undead version of you for the evening.

Once you’re looking sufficiently pale and mauled, you can step into a photo booth to create a memento to show all your friends when you go back out into the real world. Proof that zombies in Japan are some of the luckiest in the world, here they’re well-looked after and enjoy the same level of awesome customer service as the living.

From 8 pm onwards, there will be a sudden, breakout event, the details of which are being kept secret to maximise the fright on the night!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the crowd of undead revellers, be sure to fill out the registration form on the official website. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Venue Information
Magic Beach
Address: Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Toyosu 6-1-14

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