Travel: The mountains are calling

(From Bangkok Post)

Driving along the highway, I look out of the window and see the rolling hills that spread across the horizon. Endless lush vegetable plantations carpet the landscape that is also dotted with houses and colourful resorts. It is a picture perfect route that might make motorists feel as if they are driving through something out of a postcard.

mountainsAll rights reserved.The afternoon Sun shows up for a while before fading into the white fog. The high elevation and humidity from the lush national parks blankets the area with fog, particularly after the rain falls, making the landscape appear as if it is dreamily floating.

Afraid that I might just miss such a spectacular view, I reduce my speed automatically so that I can enjoy riding through this magnificent scenery.

I am driving along Highway 12, the highway, in my opinion, which takes you through some of the most stunning scenery of Thailand. Read More

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