Norman Bailey responds to Angelo Codevilla and Francesco Sisci on Syria

Angelo makes a good point.  By playing along with Russia, Israel might actually be more secure than by pinning its faith in the US, at this point at least.  Netanyahu may have had some such thought when he went to Moscow to meet with Putin earlier this week.  Apparently what he offered Putin was to share intelligence on events in Syria in return for Russian pledges not to facilitate Iranian resupply of Hezbollah.
Francesco is absolutely right.  There is plenty of blame to pass around with reference to the abysmally bad confluence of feckless policies and tactics followed by the US and Europe in the Middle East in the last two decades.  Someone should publish a book about it entitled something like “How Not To Make and Carry Out Foreign Policy.”  Is Israel also partly responsible?  Sure, but a good deal of what Israel has done wrong is because it was pressured to do so by the US.

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