Fashion: Kylie Jenner Inspo


Hong Kong/HK fashion blogger Roshini Daswani writes:

posh3“Whilst I am the midst of some serious wedding shopping in Mumbai, I thought I would take some time out to share one of my favourite looks I shot in London a few weeks back.

I know people have mixed opinions on this matter but I really think Kylie Jenner is quite the fashionista! Many people have argued otherwise on the basis she appears fake, materialistic and more on the provocative side, however I find her looks and persona to be super edgy that compliments her figure.

This Missguided curved dress hem was something I saw on her and was inspired to adopt the same look. I love the shape this dresses on my body, especially how the curved hem accentuates my hips. I paired this dress with cream knee high crossed strapped heels to complete the look! Kylie had worn a red dress with black heels, but I prefer to experiment with the neutral nudes colour palette … ” Read more



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