What is this mysterious underwater ‘robot’ that a Chinese fisherman caught?

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By Tyler Rogoway

A few years ago a Chinese fisherman from Hainan Province caught something totally unique: a torpedo-like device that was about three feet long and metallic. He took pictures of the contraption and called the authorities, who swiftly came and took it away for examination. Now, the Chinese Government has confirmed it is an elaborate spying device.

China.org.cn reports that authorities know what this silver torpedo-like device was used for and disguised to look like:

Mysterious torpedo-like device found off Hainan

Mysterious torpedo-like device found off Hainan

It is now confirmed that the unmanned underwater machine, disguised to look like a torpedo, is an intelligence device capable of taking pictures with fiber-optic and satellite communication. It was secretly placed in the water by a foreign country to obtain information on the Chinese navy fleet’s operations at sea.

Experts worried that the acquired information may have been sent back and that there are many other similar devices that haven’t been detected in the water, which pose great hidden dangers to information security in the South China Sea.

Hainan Province, which sits at the gateway to the disputed South China Sea, is home to the Chinese Navy’s most strategic naval complex. On the southern end of the island, there are a series of massive naval installations, many of which are centered around the Chinese Navy’s burgeoning ballistic missile nuclear submarine fleet. These include shipyards, large dock areas where entire flotillas can assemble and be resupplied and what is reported to be a massive under-mountain submarine base network that is accessed via a camouflaged tunnels. Read more

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