What Chinese weapons will be at the big 70th victory day parade?

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By Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer

Just over a week before the 70th Victory Day parade over World War II Japan, the PLA and its foreign guests took over the streets of Beijing for a dress rehearsal of the big day. In addition to its 12,000 troops, 500 vehicles and 200 aircraft, China will be hosting ten foreign military parade formations, including Cambodia, Egypt, Mexico, Mongolia, Pakistan and Russia. In comparison to the 2009 National Day Parade, the Victory Day parade features more modern weapons, as well as a bigger international profile. And thus it is a prime opportunity for the PLA to show off some of its latest technology.

ZTZ 99A tank

ZTZ-99A tank

ZTZ-99A main battle tank will be one of the main parade attractions. Weighing over 60 tons, the heavily armored ZTZ-99A is the largest tank in the world not of US or allied design.

PGZ-07 is China’s frontline air defense vehicle. Its medium armored chassis carries a twin barreled 35mm cannon turret that fires smart shells, which are programmed to explode at precise distances, making them ideal for taking down aircraft, drones and missiles. Read more





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