Sports: Chinese fans ecstatic about Ning’s ‘crazy’ 100m free win at worlds

(From China Daily)

Chinese sports fans woke up Friday to an exciting news that swimming world championships debutante Ning Zetao grabbed the gold of the blue-ribbon men’s 100m freestyle in 47.84 seconds.

As Ning described the win as ‘crazy’, the first in this distance for Asian swimmers since 1973, the news soon went viral on China’s portal and social media.

Ning Zetao with gold medal

Ning Zetao with gold medal

“His sprint of the last five meters was killing me! I underestimated his capability,” said Huang Jiajia from Zhejiang. “He is just at the golden age of 22. Go Ning, see you in Rio.”

Ning, who already has a large legion of fans thanks to his good looks and politeness, is becoming more popular after proving he is much more than just appearance.

“I found that our swimmers are so polite and modest. I like them better and better. A big LIKE for Ning,” said an internet user ‘Go wherever you want’ from Liaoning.

Ning’s victory underlined China’s rise in the men’s pool, the sprint race in particular. Olympic and world champion Sun Yang has already showed domination in freestyle events, clinching men’s 400m and 800m titles here. Read more

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