Lifestyle: Bombed Thai shrine’s history — more than four faces

(From the Bangkok Post)

The Brahma statue on Ratchaprasong at the centre of the tragic bomb attack on Monday has in the past symbolically been the place where politics, insanity, modernity, myths and gods intersect

Unperturbed, the four-faced Brahma statue still stares out at the Ratchaprasong intersection, the scene of Bangkok’s worst bomb attack in recent memory. One of the most popular tourist spots in the capital has become a site of terror and tragedy and as the dust begins to settle, it’s worth taking a look at the long and sometimes tortuous history of the shrine. This history is influenced as much by the city’s modernisation and superstition as it is by its politics and moments of insanity. Read more

Bomb damage on Brahma statue

Bomb damage on Brahma statue

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