Lifestyle: All bets are off inside Laos’ jungle sin city

(From AFP)

It’s nine in the morning and the gaming tables are still going strong. As croupiers take bets from the overnight die-hards, several exhausted gamblers sleep nearby, one still clutching a wad of betting slips.

King's Roman Casino in Tonpheung, inside the Golden Triangle Chinese Special Economic Zone

King’s Romans Casino in Ton Pheung district of Bokeo province in north-western Laos

Welcome to the Kings Romans, a sprawling casino complex topped by a giant golden crown that bursts into view from a sleepy river bank on the Laos’ side of the Mekong River.

The Chinese-owned casino in Ton Pheung district, Bokeo, is the centrepiece of a 10,000-square metre “Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone” set up by communist-ruled Laos with investment from its giant neighbour. Read More

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