First overseas anti-Japanese war memorial opens in San Francisco

(From CCTV)

By Mark Niu

The invasion of China began in 1937, and ultimately led to the death of 35 million people. Saturday’s 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in world war 2 has been marked across the world. In San Francisco, one woman led a campaign to create a memorial hall to help make sure the heroic acts of both Americans and Chinese are not forgotten.

Chinese native and American Florence Fang has been promoting goodwill between China and the US for decades. She’s worked tirelessly over the past year to lead a group of volunteers to create the first overseas memorial to commemorate those who fought in the Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.

“We want to remind people for WWII, Chinese and Americans, we are allies, we have been fought shoulder to shoulder,” Florence Fang, curator of WWII Pacific War Memorial Hall, said.

Exhibit at anti-Japanese war memorial

Exhibit at anti-Japanese war memorial

Fang says she was heavily influenced by both a photo of an American father burying his fallen son and the words of a young Japanese soldier brainwashed to sacrifice his life.

“Everybody lost their family members, everybody. Three of my brothers went to army and they give up their study in the middle high school, university, they went to join the army to protect their own country, protect their home,” Fang said. Read more

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