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Singapore fashion blogger Veena McCoole writes:

“I’m naming this post after a fabulous book I just read by the CEO and Founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amuruso. I’d be surprised if you haven’t at least heard of it; it’s made huge ripples in both the fashion and the publishing industry recently. I thoroughly enjoyed Amoruso’s unpretentious, candid and refreshingly honest narrative, the humorous anecdotes she included and the details of her ascent to success and the hurdles she encountered along the way. The book is just as much about what it means to get yourself in the right mindset for success as it is about how to apply yourself in real-life situations on your journey to success. I’m always asked about how I stay motivated, focused and inspired to work hard for both schoolwork and my career, and I honestly attribute a lot of it to how I felt after reading this book at the beginning of this summer … ” Read more

Veena McCoole

Veena McCoole

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