Premier Li vows ‘thorough probe’ into Tianjin blasts

(From China Daily)

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday if any illegal acts are proved to have been involved in the deadly warehouse explosions in Tianjian, including dereliction of duty, they will be fully investigated to give the victims and people all over the country clear answers.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pays silent tribute to firefighters and policemen killed in Tianjin warehouse blasts Sunday

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pays silent tribute to fire-fighters and policemen killed in Tianjin warehouse blasts Sunday

He said the results of all investigations shall be open to the public.

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) announced Sunday it has begun to investigate whether there is any dereliction of duty involved in the warehouse explosions in north China’s Tianjin city.

As of Sunday, no officials nor the company handling the warehouse of Ruihai International Logistics Co. Ltd, has been held accountable for the explosions, but the SPP will look into possible illegal acts, such as abuse of power or dereliction of duty and deal with those acts which may constitute crimes.

Li arrived at the site of Tianjin blasts Sunday afternoon.

He paid his respects to fire-fighters and policemen killed in the explosions.

He also directed further rescue operations and treatment of the injured, as well as handling of the aftermath and production safety.

During his visit to the blast site, Li said continuous and precise monitoring of the local environment, including air, water and soil, should be conducted.

The information should be publicized in a timely manner without any omissions. If authoritative information is slow in being released, rumors will spread quickly, he said.

Ten more bodies were found Saturday night, pushing the death toll from the massive warehouse blasts.

Of the bodies, 24 have been identified and 88 others will need DNA testing.

China’s energy watchdog demanded safety checks on facilities and systems that involve dangerous chemicals or explosives following the blasts.

Facilities involved include hydrogen generation stations, ammonia producing systems, fuel tanks, warehouses storing volatile chemicals and explosives and coal pulverizing and natural gas systems, according to a notice issued by the National Energy Administration.

The repeated emphasis on work safety followed the massive explosions at a warehouse storing dangerous chemicals in north China’s Tianjin city ednesday night, killing at least 112 people and injuring more than 720.

The State Council Work Safety Commission  said Friday the blasts revealed a lack of safety awareness among businesses, weak emergency response and poor supervision by authorities.

Earlier, a senior Beijing official said the Chinese capital will suspend the production of toxic and explosive chemicals from this week.

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