Yakub Memon buried next to his father amid tight security

Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon was hanged on his 53rd birthday at 7 am Thursday after the Supreme Court rejected his final petition following an unprecedented post-midnight hearing.

Yakub Memon

Yakub Memon

Late  Wednesday, Yaku’s lawyers  had moved a fresh petition in the Supreme Court arguing that the President could not decide on the mercy plea overnight. They argued that between the rejection of mercy petition and execution, there should be a gap of 14 days.

This last-ditch effort by the lawyers to save him from the gallows came after the Supreme Court rejected his petition against the execution and the Maharashtra Governor and the President of India dismissed his mercy petitions.

In a rare move, the Supreme Court judges accepted Yakub’s final petition, had a court-room opened up in the middle of the night and heard the petition.  After 90 minutes of arguments, the three Supreme Court judges accepted the government’s argument that the convict had “ample opportunity” to challenge his sentencing.

A little after 2 am, a police constable delivered a letter to Suleiman, Yakub’s elder brother, who was staying in a hotel in Nagpur along with his cousin Usman. It was a formal intimation to Yakub’s family that he would be hanged in the morning.

Yakub had one last wish: to see his daughter. He could not. But he heard her as he was allowed to make one last phone call. Earlier, he broke down when Suleiman met him in jail to inform him about the final petition.

For supper, he had rotis and chicken curry. A cake was also sent to him as Thursday was his birthday.

At 4 am, he took his bath and put on a fresh set of clothes. At 5, he performed namaz. Breakfast was served at 5.30 but he did not touch anything. He took rest for a while and appeared very calm. At 6.30, he was informed about his crime. He was hanged at 7 am.

His body was handed to his family by the jail authorities after completing the post-mortem. Around noon, it was brought to Mumbai amid tight security in an air ambulance.

His mortal remains were then taken to his home in Mahim. Police appealed for calm to the large crowd gathered there. They had banned photography or videography of his body, slogan-shouting and protest marches.

Around 4.30 pm, Yakub’s body was taken to the Bada Qabristan cemetery at Marine Lines, South Mumbai. Close family members and friends accompanied the body amid tight security. He was buried at 5.15 pm near his father’s grave.

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    As per views expressed by thousands of readers, courts are the main hurdles in executing deserving death penalties and Governors or Presidents act as per recommendations of the Cabinet.If Courts stop intervening in matters related to hanging of terrorists, several thousand innocent lives would have been spared by terrorists acts.If at all Government intent to abolish death penalty under any circumstance, the person responsible for terror acts should be made useless for himself and incapable of carrying any terrorist activity till his natural death,by incapacitating his vital organs with painless operations.Innocent people also have a right to live peacefully

  • Never Too Late

    Hang the accused of Babri Masjid, Hang the accused of Gujarat riots, Its pretty shame on justice system of India. thousands died before this blast, and still the cases going pending, shame pretty shameful thing.

  • benny

    Even if a Thousand culprits are released an innocent should never be punished !

  • freedom

    yes, Mr. Shankar, your view and recommendation on punishment is right,
    but , we have to start from the BJP / RSS (singhal, uma bharati, lk advani, etc
    were present on that day) who distroyed Babri MOsque, then after killed 2000
    muslims men and women in bombay . we have to start from BJP/RSS
    (MOdi/Amitshah/kodnani/bajrangi), who killed 2000 muslims (men and women –
    raped/burned) in Gujarat. we have to start from BJP/RSS (major
    purohit/sadhvi pragya etc) who killed hundreds of muslims in samjauta express/ajmer/hyderabad/malegaon/nanded
    mosque etc,

  • Saurabh Sharma

    What’s shameful in this?
    Why are you saying “Do not hang this accused because others accused in other blasts/riots have not been hanged”
    ATLEAST they’re making one little step. What happens to others is a different case altogether.

  • jay

    Babri Masjid demolition did not result in killing any one. why some ISI orchestrated Muslim went on killing the innocent Hindus in Mumbai. Is killing innocent Hindus is answer to all the political issues that may go against Muslim community. Many temples were also demolished in Pakistan whether Hindus of Pakistan went on killing the Muslims there. No Muslim leader in India has raised issue with Pakistan for torture of Hindus there. Muslims in India are increasing whereas Hindus in Pakistan is diminishing. had there been an Hindu responsible in killing any Muslim there in Pakistan he would have been hanged by Pakistan court within a month. It is India where Hindu majority is sufferings because of few ISI supported Muslim in India. India should be hard against those IS sponsored Muslim in India.

  • freedom

    what a dumb reply, Mr Jay, first, you accepted that you destroyed your brothers (muslims) worshipping place in the name of mythological character and still you say that you are innocent (100% like a new born child), this act is TERMED not just initiating a RIOTS, its called TERRORISM. secondly, there was no ISI orchestrated, it was shivsena and bjp/rss orchestrated riots/terrorism and people like you who have a such kind of mindset. persons who killed punjab state chief minister, arrested, but was given life sentence, persons who killed country’s Prime Minister (rajiv gandhi), arrested, but was given life sentence, but a person (innocent yaqub memon) who came and SURRENDERED after assurance of fair trial, past 20 years linguishing in jail (more than life terms) and screaming that he is innocent, but he was given death sentence by the so called supreme judges (after bjp coming into power, who says if i were the prime minister, i would have make bhagwad geeta compusory in school).

  • chavi

    Welcome to 21st century and emancipation from medieval & pre-medieval ideologies

  • Bliss

    If you dont know the entire facts about the case, don’t bark in the Public forum:
    – Yakub never SURRENDERED; neither this was put forward in the court by him or his lawyers
    – He is one of the 3 MASTERMINDS in the blast
    -All the procedures were completed as per Indian Judiciary,including the Mercy petition
    -The trial of all the other cases you gave as an example, is in progress in the Court
    – Yakub has waged WAR against the country,which is a heinous crime.

  • Oliver Craig

    Why is it a different case? Why are you giving every decision a religious color? Why was mercy granted to Rajaone? BHullar? Maya Kodnani? Babu Bajrangi? Were the ones mercilessly slaughtered by them not humans? Or is your definition of humans based on religion? Why mercy for Dara Singh, who killed children mercilessly? Why selective mercy on the basis of religion?

  • Bliss

    Mercy is not given by the Religion, it is based on the facts and extend of the crime! It is those narrow minded people like you who think in this manner.If you love your motherland, you shouldn’t spare ANYONE who waged a War against india.

  • Rajeev Chandran

    we can understand your anger on Indians and our judiciary, go and stay in Pakistan then make such statement. U r not able to show ur real name so Salman Khan is better compare to u.

  • Rajeev Chandran

    Very happy to hear this news

  • Rajeev Chandran

    Is Memon a innocent? He has got right punishment for taking hundreds of common men life

  • Roy

    The brand ambassadors of Pakistan Foreign Ministry. Say anything you are invited to Pakistan lol.!

  • Bliss

    To all these anti-nationalists Indian who are barking here, who doesn’t care for your own country and people, you are free to go and live anywhere else, so that India will be a better place to live for TRUE INDIANS.

  • Srinivas

    So, you are talking regarding Mumbai Bomb Blasts, right ?

  • factor

    I think mimbai blast was aftermath of mumbai riots where hundreds of muslims were slaughtered and Decisions like these give birth to more tiger memon and it is dangerous for the country

  • Saurabh Sharma

    Seriously? Am I putting a religious angle in this hanging?
    I just said I am happy 1 psycho is being made to leave the planet. If all those whom you’ve named have done heinous crimes, hang them as well, I’ll be happy then too.
    It’s you who’s saying “why him?, why not him?”
    It’s not upto me to decide whose crime is ‘bad enough’ it’s the supreme court. But saying that Yakub should not be hanged because some other criminal was not hanged is retarded thinking.

  • factor

    Well, let’s all support yakubs hanging,,, and definitely from today itself we shall raise voice for hanging of sadhvi pragya, I hope all support me..

  • Bliss

    For Christ’s sake, we are discussing about Yakub’s verdict! If the verdict from the court comes regarding any other case, it should be Implemented.ASAT.
    And if you don’t believe in Indian Judiciary, go to my comment above,

  • omas bioladen

    Jakob mammon sounds jewish to me.

  • Brabantian

    Ancient India betrays its heritage not only by having death penalty, but by doing it in such barbaric way, the mediaeval & British colonial hanging method which in fact is often slow strangulation, taking as much as an hour for the victim to die.

    Hindus should consider that death penalty today is largely a Muslim practice. About 88% of the world’s 200-odd nations no longer do this horror, and 2/3 of the ones that do it, are Muslim.

    A glorious forgotten fact is that it was in ancient India FIRST that sovereign states abolished the death penalty, well over 1200 years ago (over 2000 by some accounts) … As dharma religions spread by their lustre, scholars from across Asia studying at Nalanda, Buddhist Japan and Daoist China, followed the example of states in India, & at points abolished death penalty too … all a millienium before ‘Western Enlightenment’ abolitions of the 1800s began to occur!

    Hanging is always slow strangulation, taking 15 minutes to an hour for the person to die – although sometimes the neck is broken in a drop mercifully introducing coma – but this is not reliable and often fails to happen, creating an hour of torture as a human being swings on a rope. And it takes longer for smaller people to die … amid the many hangings in Iran, witnesses observe that petite women struggle longer, strangling to death slowly before the crowd.

    Tho grim to bystanders, the most merciful methods of death penalty are beheading or the bullet – this is fact. The USA has shown that lethal injection sometimes is an hour-plus torture ordeal. Other killing methods also have gone terribly wrong. Beheading is a mercy, as is a bullet to the back of the head, or the firing squad (best with a handgun back-up for a coup de grace if the firing squad are off-target).

    If India feels as if too poor and frightened a country to yet dispense with the death penalty … at least it should dispense with the British colonialist torture-hanging horror. Bullets or beheading would be a merciful improvement … but I pray that India will move to an even higher level, in line with its glorious ancient past.

  • [email protected]

    I am against this decision,primarily,because india has to mature as a democracy,it has recent history of violence,where many have not been brought to justice,however I must say that,he should be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty…the term memon is from the memons who are mainly a minority in india and are located in Mumbai,MEMONS are quite many in Pakistan,most of them are involved in DRUGS,FRAUD,RACKATEERING,MONEY LAUNDERING,THEY ARE NOT GUJRATI,BUT ARE SINDHI IN ORIGIN,they speak kutchi which is connected to sindhi,many memons reside in Dubai,as they find that place a safe haven from justice to their crimes..MEMONS PRETEND THEY ARE HONEST BUSINESS MAN BUT THEY ARE NOT…they have relatively settled in some parts of gujrat,but unlike the decent gujrati muslims,who are highly into education.

  • [email protected]

    I have lived in india,for many years,and my subject,was its history,and its people,the people of gujrat and Maharashtra,are enterprising,but the memons have been allways involved in criminal activities,hence their location in Karachi,dubai…but this death penalty,must not proceed..

  • Neti Naut

    Yes, India is capable of moving to an even higher level…

    Look at how it honors Dr. Kalam, yet it needs to get rid of Yakub’s of this world…

  • Robert Ferrin

    Well lets see we the U.S. are a” ripe old democracy” with a long history of violence both at home and abroad, why the one city 50 miles from here is called the murder capital of N.Y.S. while the other city about the same distance always have a few shot knifed killed every night and we won’t even get into the drug problem that plagues the nation,and yes we have the same silly ideas that rather then sending them on to their just desserts that its better to give them life and let the taxpayer take care of them.!!!

  • Akash

    Where are the people who believe that PAK agencies are not involved in terrorism? Read the case of Memons. http://www.dawn.com/news/1196782

  • Akash

    Where are the people who believe that PAK agencies are not involved in terrorism? Read the case of Memons. http://www.dawn.com/news/1196782

  • Prasad

    Awesome!! Thanks SC CJI for not letting 14 days etension! BTW too little too late… just one person hanged after 23 years of bomb blast! rest are free!

  • Sai Chary

    Justice Prevailed in
    Yakub Memon

  • sai kiran sharma

    I hope you understand the difference between accused, guilty and charged ?

  • Nishant

    Hang those who were behind the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the killing of the Sikhs post Indira Gandhi’s asassination.

  • Nishant

    What about the nation wide riots that followed the demolition of the Babri Masjid?

  • kareem

    it is hindu court for hindu people. don’t try to teach your jurisprudence. you want to have one law for majority and the other one for minority.

  • kareem

    your court of law and justice system is as flimsy as it were british during their term.