Will Israel save America?

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Without a sense of exceptionalism, a country of chosen people cannot prosper

Biblical Israel was America’s inspiration. Its successor, the State of Israel, yet may be America’s salvation, though usually the issue is put the other way around. America’s founders, to be sure, saw in their “new nation, conceived in liberty” a new Israel, and Lincoln dubbed Americans an “almost chosen people.” We long since put the notion of national election on the back shelf along with other memorabilia of the Revolution and Civil War. But Israel’s founding and fight for survival strike a chord in our national character that reminds of us what we were and still should be.

The notion of “national election,” to be sure, has scant purchase in a world where every identity group claims the right to the equality of its own narrative. It evokes Europe’s wars of national aggrandizement, foreign wars to make the world safe for democracy, and the marginalization of minorities. The notion that one nation’s narrative might trump another’s offends the leveling Zeitgeist: Identity politics excludes the distinction between good and evil, for every narrative is valid in its own terms. That was the nub of President Barack Obama’s oft-quoted 2009 remark, “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

Projected into foreign policy, identity politics avers that all national narratives are equally valid: Iran’s grievances against the West have as valid a claim on American attention as Israel’s assertion of its right to exist. If Iran builds nuclear weapons, sponsors terrorists, hangs hundreds of citizens annually for thought crimes and sexual misconduct, kills American soldiers, and declares its intent to wipe Israel off the map, the fault lies with us: with the Western history of intervention into Iran’s politics. If America accommodates Iran’s narrative, Iran will behave responsibly. As Obama told Jeffrey Goldberg, “What I’ll say is that if you look at Iranian behavior, they are strategic, and they’re not impulsive. They have a worldview, and they see their interests, and they respond to costs and benefits.”

All men are created equal, but not all nations. There are two nations and only two nations in the world that are “chosen,” because their inhabitants became citizens by choice rather than happenstance: the United States of America and the State of Israel. Every other nation in the world defines itself by common territory and heritage. America has sought to undo its election since the end of the Civil War, which exacted a terrible cost that even the victors shuddered to pay a second time. One cost of the existential fear that certainties about human freedom and divine election engendered in the American national psyche was the condemnation of black Americans to a century of nationally sanctioned apartheid. It is the reason why Confederate flags still fly over U.S. state capitols where streets and schools are named for the wicked slaveholder and arch-rebel Jefferson Davis. Read more

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  • Hvd

    What claptrap. Try choosing Israeli citizenship if your mother was not Jewish.

    And what about all of the French from North Africa?

  • Jack Temujin

    Israel couldn’t even save itself from Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran in near future war. Their only friend US will have its hands full with war against China, Russia, and N Korea.

  • Rob Naardin

    The Emperor has no clothes. This is the perfect ideology for a country whose oligarchy is composed of exceptionally, incompetent psychopaths to expend an infinite amount of resources to achieve nothing.

  • Angel Fair

    What a nonsense!
    Israel’s survival so far has been because of America.

    If Americans withdraw their political and economic support, this tiny country of only 8.2m(same size as New York) would not survive at all.

  • davidpgoldman

    In fact, Israeli citizenship is granted to individuals who have one Jewish grandparent, even if they are not considered Jewish under Jewish law. Regarding the US and Israel’s security: a withdrawal of American support might prompt overconfidence on the part of Israel’s enemies. But the Iranians know that a single EMP burst from an Israel nuclear weapon would destroy every electric device in the country and condemn Iran to slow death by starvation. And the Sunni states would applaud.

  • Godblessourchildren

    It is OUR fault that Iran kills American soldiers??? When and where??? Is this guy smoking glue??? This article does not contain one credible statement and is top heavy with distortions and, well, say it as it is-LIES. We owe nothing to the self chosen people. Israel survives because of America and our world standing has been irreparably harmed because of Israel. Hard to believe that this article was posted.

  • Keng Long

    USA will save and protect Apartheid Israel at all cost.

  • Lion Heart

    When Gunter Grass wrote his poem “What must be said”…..all Zionists started cursing him—let us remember his prophetic words:

    Why do I say only now,
    Aged and with my last ink,
    That the nuclear power of Israel endangers
    The already fragile world peace?
    Because it must be said
    What even tomorrow may be too late to say

    It is the alleged right to first strike
    That could annihilate the Iranian people

  • Lion Heart

    When David Goldman wrote his another nonsense “There are two nations and only two nations in the world that are “chosen,”……I just threw up.

    Jews claimed they were “chosen race”
    Hitler begged to differ !!!

    Yes two nations….Nazi Germany and Israel

  • Lion Heart

    1. Under so called “law of return” STALIN, and ex Russian president Mevedev can get citizenship of Israel …..because their grand mum had Jewish blood (may be less than 0.0001%)

    2. How can one justify that the Palest refugees who have been residents of Palestine since time immemorial CAN NOT return?

    3. Israel is a NAZI state..based on third Reich law…..”RACIAL LAWS”….where Jews have right and Palest are made to pay for occupation of their land

  • davidpgoldman

    Nazi, Schmazi: Arabs vote in the same elections has Israeli Jews, plead before the same courts as Jews, and go to the same universities as Jews (1/5 of medical students are Arabs). Arabs do have separate schools — or do you want Arab kids to learn in Hebrew rather than Arabic? Is that apartheid, or cultural diversity? As for the refugees: 700,000 Palestines left the Jewish sector in 1947 and 800,000 Jews were expelled from Muslim countries in the next few years. That’s one of many 20th-century population exchanges. Same as Greece-Turkey, India-Pakistan, Germany-Poland, Germany-Czechoslovakia, etc. etc. You don’t see Greeks calling for war against Turkey, or Germans calling for war against the Czechs (2 million refugees in both cases). Grow up. The Iraqi Jews were in Baghdad before the Arabs, and owned half the city’s businesses–and they left with the clothes on their backs. I know Moroccan Jews whose families were wealthy, and who came to Israel and lived for two years in tents. That’s tough all round, but don’t blame Israel because the Arab countries refused to absorb refugees and kept them as political hostages. Suck it up. Get a life. No Arab “refugees” (the grandchildren of refugees aren’t “refugees” under international law) will ever come back to Israel. BTW it was Lenin, not Stalin, who had a Jewish grandfather. The reason for the rule is that the Nazis defined as a “Jew” anyone who had one Jewish grandparent, and Israel felt obliged to offer refuge.

  • davidpgoldman

    Sure, everyone wanted to “be elected,” but only two nations elected themselves. Read Franz Rosenzweig’s Star of Redemption if you want to understand this (as well as Islam): ““Precisely through Christianity the idea of Election has gone out amongst the individual nations, and along with it a concomitant claim upon eternity. IStill, there sleeps upon the foundation of one’s love for one’s own people the presentiment that someday in the distant future it no longer will be, and this gives this love a sweetly painful gravity.”


  • davidpgoldman

    Israel won the 1967 War with French aircraft and over American objections (I suggest reading Michael Oren’s history). AFTER Israel crushed the Arab states on its own, the US became Israel’s biggest ally because it had to in the context of the Cold War. Remember that Israel now has hundreds of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, including from submarines; if any country actually beat Israel in a war, nothing but cockroaches and scorpions would be left alive. One EMP burst over Iran from an Israeli nuclear weapon and not a single electrical device or automobile would be left functioning. US aid amounts to exactly 1% of Israel’s GDP. The US-Israel alliance is good for both (the technology collaboration is important) and I think it will continue, but Israel’s dependence on the US is vastly exaggerated.

  • davidpgoldman

    As my friend MK Bhadrakumar has pointed out in these pages, Jews and Persians have a long history of alliance (in fact, since Cyrus); Israel technicians kept Iran’s F-4’s flying during the first years of the Iran-Iraq War. Israel doesn’t want to nuke Iran; it wants regime change to reestablish the working relationship it had under the Shah. There are close to 300,000 Israelis whose native language is Persian. As for Gunter Grass: former SS members should keep their mouths shut about Jews.

  • northernobserver

    Time Immemorial, you mean since the land invasion and the genocide of the greco roman peoples of Palestine in the 600s by the satanic, oh sorry righteous, Caliphs.
    Once that is taken into account than the debate changes from oppressor/oppressed, good/bad, righteous/villainous. to one where two parties have an at least equal claim.

    In that case it seems to me that the party that keeps initiating wars of aggression, loses them, and yet refuses to make peace but chooses unending resistance, is asking for trouble. Far nobler peoples throughout history have been buried in the earth for far less. The Palestinians need to admit defeat and make peace. Resistance until they get what they want will kill them.

  • northernobserver

    Algeria for the French!

  • northernobserver

    You mean the oligarchs of Saudi or Pakistan?

  • Syn Hope

    Another bogus narrative. Iran is one of the most responsible and matured nations shining like a beacon. I salute their leaders of patience, steadfastness against hooligans who assassinated its top scientists one after another. Surrounded, besieged, sanctioned, this nation is teaching all us that you dont need nuclear weapons to be great. You dont need nukes to be powerful. The definition of powerful has to be changed according to Iran. Well sir, we got your message loudly and clearly. Iran has basically told Israel, to hell with your nukes, keep them in your warehouse. That is the frustration with Zionist lobby who are again exceptionally active to block any rapprochement between Christians and Moslems. Israel is not A, but one of the top Rouge States hiding 300 nuclear weapons. The only thing Iran does not have is World Media that is tragically hijacked by the same Zionists hooligans.

  • Syn Hope

    Instead of getting inspiration, America is getting bled, thanks to Zionists Hooligans. One of the central pillars of the decline of a Super Power will Israel. By committing to Israel, America has declined due to suicide not by murder.

  • Syn Hope

    Sir, please dont give us sermons. Vacate the lands of Palestinians to pre-1967 level. Read the writing on the wall. These middle eastern countries, despite the chaos, are fare more assertive and rising from the ashes.

  • Sir Percy

    Why are the Jews chosen people ? What is the responsibility for being chosen people? If you believe in a just and loving God, then to be chosen is an honor but it also comes with a mission. According to Bible, Jews are chosen to become instruments of blessing. There are two meanings of this: 1. The savior will be born among you; 2. You are to make contributions to mankind for your intelligence, hard work, dedication and to be a peace maker. For the Christians, the savior has already come and he was Jesus. However, the Israelis are not acting as instruments of blessings these days. Many Jewish intellectuals are questioning, probably painfully, whether Israel should continue to exist. Therefore, instead of playing zero one game all the time, I suggest that not only to Israel, but to myself and everyone else, that we all should become instrument of blessing to other people, to animals, to the planet earth so we can all survive and live happily together. If we are a blessing to others, people will want us to stick around and we are more likely to be chosen. Let us all be kind to each other and all be chosen.

  • Syn Hope

    Well then stop crying for the Iran Nuclear Deal. Well then, stop taking charity from the west. Well then, fight your war alone. When you were in Europe, Christians were bad, and now you are in Moslem middle east, they are bad. Sir, how long these blame games continues. You have stolen the land, please return it. Very simple.

  • Syn Hope

    Who gave you the right change the regimes all over the world? Who are you? Iran wants Nethenyahu to go away? What is the procedure? I know you want your puppet Shah comes back. Iranians dont want him. Who are you?

  • Syn Hope

    99% of the worlds population supports Iran deal.

  • davidpgoldman

    We got the land via the UN vote of 1947, and via a war of self-defense in 1967. If Israel leaves Judea and Samaria, Hamas will take it from Fatah and ISIS will take it from Hamas; vast numbers will die, and not too many of them will be Israeli. The civic breakdown from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf leaves no other force to stabilize the region except the IDF. Personally, I would give up land to get peace, but that’s a fantasy for the time being and probably for the next 25 years.

  • Syn Hope

    Well Quran used the word HAD CHOSEN. Not have chosen. They were dethroned and Muslims took over the mantle and they ruled the world for over 1000 years. If Muslims behave the way Jews do, then they are also paying price. The message is nobody is special to God, unless you are Godly person like serving humanity, commit for justice for all, do not exploite the societies, follow the commandments of God and so and so forth.

  • Syn Hope

    Well dont worry of all those rhetoric. You have stolen the land, give it back. Mind you, you are not dealing with Aboriginals of America. Dont try to repeat here.

  • davidpgoldman

    Half the Arab population in Israel in 1947. We brought the Arabs into “Palestine!” See http://www.meforum.org/522/the-smoking-gun-arab-immigration-into-palestine. We didn’t steal it. We created it, and created the so-called Palestinian Arabs, of whom no-one had ever heard until the 1960s. Caitlin Jenner thinks she’s a woman, and the Palestinians think they’re a people.

  • Lion Heart

    So the “chosen race” will decide what type of regime Iran should have !!!

    If ZioNazis dont shut their mouth about Arabs then why should “former” SS member should keep their mouth shut about Jews?

  • davidpgoldman

    When the Mullahcracy in Tehran falls, as inevitably it must, we will discover that there are fewer Muslims in Iran than there Communists in Russia in 1989. The Iranian people showed what they believed in the 2009 mass demonstrations. In a hydrocarbon monoculture economy, the regime has all the money and all the guns. Meanwhile Iran is sinking into a morass of social pathologies (see http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/MID-02-300115.html). It is running out of water (http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2015/05/iran-water-crisis.html) and in ten years will start running out of young people (http://pjmedia.com/spengler/2012/02/29/irans-rational-suicide/). 1/4 of Iranians with a college degree have emigrated (and most of the best graduates). Does anyone seriously believe that in free and fair elections, a religious party would keep power in Iran? A national revival is possible only with regime change. That is not in Israel’s power to bring about, but it is what Israel–and any sane person–wants.

    As for “Zionazis” — if we Zionists are Nazis, how come there are still Palestinians alive? Per capita GDP of the West Bank has doubled from $1,500 to $3060 between 1996 and 2013, according to the World Bank (and would be much higher if the PA kleptocrats didn’t steal billions).

    Virtually all the Muslims killed in the past 50 years were killed by other Muslims; Muslims in Israel are doing better than Muslims anywhere else except in some of the little oil sheikhdoms.

    What you don’t like is that we Zionists have humiliated you again and again, most recently in Gaza (thousands of rockets killed fewer than 10 Jews). No-one likes humiliation, but you really can’t bear it (sese http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/FD27Ak01.html). So you call us silly names. Meanwhile you keep killing each other (and in your paranoid little world, you look for a Zionist plot behind ISIS, etc.).

    Get a life, Lion Heart.

  • Lion Heart

    1. So you have ADMITTED the fact (though unconsciously) that Jews owned half the Baghdad’s business—-that is they thrived under Arab rule—-and they were better off than Iraqi Muslims—–and that there were no programs.

    2. Jews were wealthy that is why they did not want to migrate to Israel—-so Zionists carried out bombing in Synagogues in Baghdad (in 1951) to initiate the Jewish exodus from Iraq (for details refer to Naiem Giladi’s “The Jews of Iraq”).

    3. Israel’s apartheid is reflected by “Jews only road, Jews only buses, checkpoint humiliation, demolishing homes, annexing land using Palestinians children as shooting target” !!! You can not cover it by making few doctors—–if that is the case then Third Reich was shining example of cultural diversity as it had 150,000 Jewish soldiers in its army including many Generals.

    4. Zionists can not compare their status with Greeks/Turks/Indian/Pakistanis—-as they all were native (or at least have been living in that land for hundreds of years)—-Zionists expelling Palestinians from their land amounts to if Australia decide to expel Aborigines from Australia !!! Your comparisons are pathetic at the best.

  • Lion Heart

    Give me a break David

    This “chosen race” delusion made Rabbi Shapira to wrote a book named “King Torah” that JUSTIFIED killing of Arab Children.

    His this venomous religious ruling was ENDORSED by 50 prominent Rabbis of

    Only such type of brainwashing (of being Chosen race) makes Zionists to MASSACRE 500+ Children in Gaza and then blame their

    Hitler was MORE HUMANE. —Hilter NEVER asked anyone to kill Jewish Babies

  • davidpgoldman

    You are ignorant. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farhud. In 1941, 180 Baghdad Jews were killed and 1,000 injured with 900 homes destroyed. The 150,000 Jews (and many generals) in the Nazi armies is a myth (there were a few hundred Jews who went undetected by the Nazis). The checkpoints etc. wouldn’t be required if Arabs didn’t put bombs on Israeli buses to murder Israeli civilians. The “Palestinians” are no more a people than Bruce Jenner is a woman: more than half came to the British Mandate for work because of Zionist investment. We invented the “Palestinians,” and we invented the Palestine Authority (thanks to the stupidity of Rabin and Peres). You, Lion Heart, are part of a Jewish conspiracy. You believe crazy things. Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad, and whom YHWH wishes to destroy, he first makes an anti-Semite.

  • davidpgoldman

    Pussycat Liver: Hitler never asked anyone to kill Jewish babies? I guess the German army killed 1,000,000 Jewish children as a surprise present for the Fuehrer. I know Jews whose babies were killed before their eyes by the Nazis. Now that we have a few hundred nuclear weapons it will be harder to kill our babies in the future. As for the children of Gaza: Hamas is the only combatant in the entire history of warfare that deliberately set out to maximize casualties on its own side, in order to gain international sympathy. Even Hitler was not that cynical. Under international law the culpability for civilian deaths lies with those who use human shields.
    I haven’t heard of this Rabbi Shapira. Israel has tens of thousands of rabbis. Some are nutballs. This isn’t a “ruling” because it has no authority. Again, you’re a paranoid ignoramus. No wonder your side never does anything right; no wonder we make you look like incompetent clowns every time you pick a fight with us.

  • Lion Heart

    Your THREAT of “use of Israeli nuclear weapons that would leave nothing but scorpions and cockroaches” is worrisome.

    There are 6 million reasons that Zionists should avoid such threat.

    Such threat will come back to bite Israel. It is the question of time that Arabs will have nukes and their population and demography will blunt such threat.

    Mahathir Mohammad said on 16 Oct 2003:

    “Today the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them”

    If Israel is not dependent on US then why Netanyahu wants US to attack Iran ?? Why should US troops die for Israel??

  • Lion Heart

    1. When you spoke of “Human Shield”, you reminded me of Warsaw Ghettos.

    Jews had started same
    terror campaign against Germany from Warsaw ghettos using their own children as

    Infact Jewish terrorists had amassed enormous
    amount of explosive, hand grenades, handguns right in the centre of Ghetto (at
    Muranowski Street).

    2. But Nazi were humane —they did indiscriminately kill women and
    children—although if they wanted they could have bombed and flattened whole ghettos using
    their air force

    —-women and children
    could have been declared as “COLATERAL DAMAGE”—-like Zio-Nazis do all the time.

    3. Rabbi Shapira’s venomous book was endorsed by more than 50 prominent Rabbis including CHIEF SEPHARDIC Rabbi of Israel Yitzhak Yosef..

    So your excuses are null and void.

  • davidpgoldman

    Oh, I doubt that any US troops would die: this could all be done at a distance (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massive_Ordnance_Penetrator). If the Arabs (e.g. the Saudis) have nukes they will use them against Iran before they use them against Israel :). The US should attack Iran to stop it from getting nuclear weapons, and to humiliate the regime and promote regime change, in order to help the suffering Persian people get out from under the hand of the mullahs, and to support its natural allies in the region (KSA, Jordan).

  • davidpgoldman

    Jews have never used children as a human shield, not in the Warsaw Ghetto or anywhere. You obviously don’t know any Jews. I doubt you have ever had a conversation of more than a few minutes with a Jew. You live in a paranoid fantasy world, and that explains why your side makes one idiotic mistake after another, and why you live a life of unrelenting humiliation.

  • Lion Heart

    As Mahatma Gandhi said that proposed entity is illegal..it has no mandate but
    that of last war (WW1).

    Did the United Nations Resolution of November 1947 give Zionists the right to establish the present state of Israel?

    The answer is no, and they have continuously and relentlessly violated that resolution for more than half a century, so that any tatters that
    now remain are void, by their action.

    If colonization and massacre of Palestinians is “war of self defense” then Hitler was fighting the war of self defense.

  • Lion Heart

    Jewish terrorists had amassed enormous amount of
    explosive, hand grenades, handguns right in the centre of Ghetto (at Muranowski
    Street).—-in the middle of CIVILIAN population where women and children are around.

    To avoid CIVILIAN causality Nazi did not use areal bombing of Polish ghettos.

    Nazis were more humane than ZioNazis

  • Lion Heart

    The zionist narrative is a thin tissue of lies and pernicious half-truths.

    The native, indigenous Palestinian people aren’t “the Arabs.”

    Those one million Christian
    and Muslim men, women and children Israel drove from their homes and lands and into refugee camps at the point of a gun executing civilians who couldn’t or wouldn’t flee and ra#ping women.

  • davidpgoldman

    You’ll never get anywhere if you keep making up facts to ameliorate your sense of humiliation. If you want to become smart, study Talmud–I know a rabbi who will give you a discount rate for lessons (over the Internet, of course).

  • Lion Heart

    Oh—now I came to know that it is your YHWH who deluded you to think that you are “chosen race”, and made you lie to deceive Goyin (Baba Kamma 113a)

    1. Refer to Bryan Rigg’s “Hitler’s Jewish soldiers”

    2. and Naiem Giladi’s “The Jews of Iraq”.

    Onus is not on Palestinians who have been living in Palestine since time immemorials to prove their ancestry,—-

    onus is on those Bani Khazar (European Jews) to prove their ancestry who have swamped the Palestine post WW2.

    If you dont know where you came from ask Helen Thomas, she will guide you.

  • Lion Heart

    Mr CHOSEN RACE….get over your delusion. You have no right to “choose” what sort of system Iranians should have.

    Your claim that ” if we Zionists are Nazis, how come there are still Palestinians alive?”

    One can simply say: “Holocaust is a cheap lie”
    Proof: “You are alive”.

    If massacring of 500+ Palestinian children amount to “humiliation of Gaza” then you have been humiliated by Hitler too !!!

    You need to lift your game

  • Lion Heart

    Talmud (Soferim 15, Rule 10.) says:

    This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog (“Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed”).

    Who would know Talmud better than Rabbi Ovadia Yosef?

    Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, in his sermon called for the annihilation of Arabs (10 April 2001).

    “It is forbidden to be merciful to them (Arab). You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable,”

    How was Hitler differenet from Rabbi Ovadia?
    How was Mein Kempf different from Talmud?

    So please stop having delusion of “chosen race”. Among Jews there were excellent humans—in past Rabbi Hillel, in recent past Ahad Haam….and in present people like Shulamit Aloni, Gideon Levy and Amira Haas……..they are the CHOSEN JEWISH people—-they are the light of earth—-they are the prophets of this world…..but you are unfortunately following war mongrels like Avigdor Lieberman.

  • Lion Heart

    Zionist lobby INCITED US to invade Iraq on following two pretext:

    1. WMD

    2. Link with Al Qaida

    Now Zionists like David are replaying SAME GAME and accusing Iran of building “nuclear weapons, sponsoring terrorists”

    I simply felt sick….It is Israel who in REALITY:

    1. Has WMD (nuclear + Chemical and Biological weapons)
    2. provides FREE AMBULANCE service to Al Nusra terrorists

  • Lion Heart

    So you want US to nuke Iran and you say that if US does it from distance no US soldier will die- !!!

    Just imagine German soldiers gassing the Jews into Chambers from remote control—-and ofcourse wearing all personal protective gears to avoid any German soldier’s death——–will such gassing be Kosher??

    Stop inciting hate

  • davidpgoldman

    No nukes needed: surgical strikes with massive bunker-busters against nuclear facilites will do be sufficient, far from population centers. The only casualties would be the personnel in the facilites. Civilian casualties (excluding the janitor mopping the floor under the centrifuges) should be close to zero. Get rid of the regime and Iran might recover from its 40-year nightmare.

  • Lion Heart

    Jews tried very hard to convince Mahtama Gandhi that Eastern European Jews have some claim over Palestine.

    Mahatma Gandhi responded 20 NOV 1938:. “Jews can settle in Palestine only by the goodwill of the Arabs.
    … it is wrong to enter it under the shadow of the British gun…

    In my opinion, they have erred grievously in seeking to impose themselves on Palestine with the aid of America and Britain
    and now with the aid of naked terrorism”

    ….nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds.”

    Jews carried out RA#PE, MASSACRE and GENOCIDE of goyim—3000 years ago
    (refer book of Joshua) before those Caliphs were ever born.

    Still they are carrying out their genocidal apartheid policies against Palestinians

    Ex PM of Israel Rabin said:
    “We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves”.

    How was Hitler different from current ZioNazi leaders?

    Once that is taken into account than the debate over alleged Holocaust changes from oppressor/oppressed, good/bad, righteous/villainous to one where two parties were fighting for their claim over “CHOSEN RACE”.

    Now stop apartheid.

  • Lion Heart

    Oh so now you have reduced your threat level from Nuclear to massive bunker buster against Iran.

    Gazan did not have nuke—but still they were massacred..its because Israel is ruled by people like you.

    While Zionists were carrying out recent massacre of Palestinians in Gaza (July 2014), Rene Smit, member of the ANC in the Western Cape province quoted Hitler.

    Hitler had allegedly said :
    “I could have killed all the Jews, but I left some of them to tell you why
    I was killing them.”

    (refer : Haaretz 16 July 14)

    Looking at your hate filled articles, many people will support Rene Smit’s view atleast about you.

  • davidpgoldman

    I never proposed to nuke Iran. I have always favored surgical strikes. We Americans killed a million German civilians during World War II, including large numbers of children, by fire-bombing civilian population centers. Ugly, but it was worth it. The blood of the Gazan children is on the heads of the cowards of Hamas, who launched rockets from densely-populated residential districts. No state in the world would fail to defend its citizens against mass rocket attacks. The IDF is the most humane army in history (http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/117120/idf-moral-army-david-meir-levi). As a matter of record, I predicted that jihadists would try to provoke the West into inflicting mass casualties on their own people 15 years ago: “Getting down to tactics, how can Al-Qaeda overcome the West with horror? Let us suppose that some state or state agency over which Al-Qaeda wields influence possesses a weapon of mass destruction, with sufficient potency to cause a very large number of deaths in a Western country. If it deploys that weapon and causes a very large number of casualties, the West may have no choice but to bombard the offending country with nuclear weapons and destroy its capacity to make war. Given that Al-Qaeda has tendrils deep in numerous governments, even a nuclear bombardment of one rogue state might not diminish its capacities. The West would be left with the horrific fact of mass destruction of civilians combined with continued insecurity.” See http://www.atimes.com/front/CJ12Aa02.html.

  • davidpgoldman

    Yet Gandhi’s heirs in today’s India are allied with Israel. We didn’t colonize the Arabs; that was the Turks, and after them the British. The British kicked out the Turks and we kicked out the British. The Arabs were the Turks’ docile serfs for four hundred years before the founding of the State of Israel. And half the Arabs present in “Palestine” in 1947 were recent economic migrants who came to work for us after we rebuilt a ruined and depopulated country.

  • Lion Heart

    Invented people = ignorant people =
    zionists of all types.

    95% of Israeli Jews can’t trace their ancestry in Palestine or Israel
    back more than two generations

    while 95% of Palestinians can trace their ancestry in Palestine and Israel back dozens of generations and hundreds of years.

    Todays 90% Jews are Ashkenzi–they are descendant of Bani
    Khazar—-they need to go back home–to Poland, Russia and Germany

    if in doubt ask Helen Thomas.

  • Lion Heart

    Your sentences very well could have been attributed to Hitler:

    “Holocaust was Ugly, but it was worth it.

    The blood of the Warsaw ghettos is on the heads of the cowards of Jewish terrorist organisations such as ZOB/ZZW.

    They were tossing Molotov
    cocktails and hand grenades from densely-populated residential areas of ghetto. Infact Jewish
    terrorists had their armoury hidden right inside the centre of ghetto at
    Muranowska Street.

    Hitler further reiterated that “No state in the world would fail to defend its citizens against terror attacks against its civilians such as barbaric murder of Ernst Vom Rath and Wilhelm Gustloff.

    The Nazi army is the most humane army in history of the world. –they did not kill indiscriminately kill women and children—although if they wanted they could have bombed the whole Warsaw ghettos and women and children could have been declared as “colateral damage” .

    Jews should thanks Nazi army on hand and knees for not simply slaughtering the lot of them (Jewish terrorists and their sympathisers).”

    Hitler’s above speech would be used by Zio-Nazis in coming years.


  • davidpgoldman

    Everyone in the Warsaw Ghetto knew that they would be murdered by the Nazis. The comparison is disgusting. The shooting of a couple of German diplomats cannot be compared to the firing of thousands of rockets at civilian centers. If Israel wanted to kill the local Arabs, none would be alive today. Maybe they’re actors, hired to jabber and squeak in front of the news media. You’re just disappointed because after the dust settled, all the Hamas rockets killed only handful of Jews. I was in Israel at the time and saw the trails of the Iron Dome rockets. No-one was frightened, not at least in Tel Aviv (Sderot is a bit different). Once again, the Jihadis made idiots out of themselves and succeeded in getting themselves killed along with some of their human shields. Morons. Moshe Dayan was asked if the IDF was one of the great armies of history, and he responded, “Can’t tell. We only fought Arabs.” May Hashem only send us enemies like you.

  • Lion Heart

    i only gave two example, it does not mean….there were only two murders-Jewsih terrorists were carrying out bombing and arson attacks
    on Trains, Hotels and Cinema (Sally Dormit group), bombing of exhibition
    centre (in Berlin’s Lustgarten bombing 1942) etc.

    Jewish terrorists had massive amount of bombs, handguns, Molotov cocktails in ghettos.

    Jewish Terrorist organisation ZZB and ZOB members used their own Jewish children as HUMAN SHIELD and carried out terror attacks on Germans.

    although there was a proposal from von Sammern-Frankenegg, who
    wanted to bombed whole ghettos using their bomber aircraft based at Karkow.

    But Nazi were humane -Nazi army was the most MORAL ARMY of the world– SS-Brigadeführer Jürgen
    Stroop rejected the proposal because

    Nazis loved Jewish children —-and he did not want to kill women and children by declaring them as “COLATERAL
    DAMAGE”—-like Zio-Nazis do all the time.

    You’re just disappointed because after the dust settled, all the ZOB bombs killed only 20 German soldiers.

    Holocaust was a “Price tag attack”, adopted by Germans to deter
    further attack on German Soldiers—and it worked very well—-Terrorists
    should know that they have to pay the price for their terrorists activities

    Jews should thank the Hitler on hands and knees for not simply slaughtering
    the lot of them.

    I hope that you don’t start calling me an ant-Semite—I have just used your language to counter your argument.

  • Lion Heart

    You say: “Under international law the culpability for civilian deaths lies with those who use human shields”

    1. Jewish terrorists had used human shield. Jewish terrorists should be blamed for Holocaust.


    a, According to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child—-IDF used Palestinian children as Human Shield (Reuter 20 June 13)

    b. Richard Goldstone’s report mentioned many instances where IDF used Palest children as human shield. One case included the incident of Tel Al Hawa during 2008-2009 (refer to Haaretz dated 11 March 2010.

    The Israel Defense Forces made use of the ‘human shield’ procedure on 1,200 occasions over the five years (between 2000 and 2005), —refer to Ynetnew dated 11 Oct 2005

  • Lion Heart

    Unfortunately 1% call themselves as “chosen race”, who intend to impose their will over remaining 99%.

  • davidpgoldman

    You’re nuts. That’s why your side has failed catastrophically.

  • Jack Temujin

    Goldman, one EMP burst over the skies of Israel from Shabab 3 will do the same damage to your people.

  • davidpgoldman

    I doubt a Shabab 3 would ever make it through the Israeli anti-missile screen; if Iran were to launch one, and it failed, Israel would be entitled to strike back, and that would be the end of Iran. No Iranian regime would risk that. Israel has been hardening its electricity grid against EMP for some time, unlike Iran. IRGC has hardened some nuclear facilities, but it would lose everything else. The biggest risk to Israel isn’t a missile launch, but the detonation of a nuclear weapon from a freighter in international waters a few miles off the coast of Tel Aviv, but the Israelis are monitoring every ship that comes near Iran.

  • Jack Temujin

    I know Israel has ultra-modern weapons, but never underestimate the power-to-be who are behind them all the way. Isn’t that the reason why Israel hasn’t given them the “Iraqi treatment” of the 70’s?

    According to Wiki – The Shahab-3 has a range of 1,280 kilometres (800 mi); a MRBM variant can now reach 1,930 kilometres (1,200 mi).[4] It was tested from 1998 to 2003 and added to the military arsenal on July 7, 2003, with an official unveiling by Khamenei on July 20.

    That was 12 years ago, god knows what their latest version can do.

    Also hacking wars will be rage on more fiercely in near future. Iranians have reverse engineered Stuxnet to create a variant, probably more potent than the original worm created by, well, you know.

  • Lion Heart

    Why did you fail during alleged Holocaust??

  • davidpgoldman

    My family didn’t fail: We were partisans in the Bielski brigade, and killed a lot more Germans than the Germans killed of us. We also killed collaborators (we never killed the innocent). When Hitler said he wanted to kill us, many of our leaders didn’t believe that he really meant it. We won’t make that mistake again, for a simple reason: the Jews who wanted to live a quiet life of faith are for the most part dead, and the survivors are disproportionately killers like my family. The Jews have failed lots of times, but when we do, we accept the responsibility for the failure. We don’t come up with looney conspiracy theories to make ourselves feel better. We redouble our efforts and fix the problem (e.g. by acquiring hundreds of nuclear weapons). We’re rather like the Chinese in that respect. See http://pjmedia.com/spengler/2014/01/11/common-traits-bind-jews-and-chinese/.

  • Lion Heart

    Indeed you belong to family of terrorists….

    Hitler actions were purely defensive in nature—-Terror attacks on Ernst Voam Rath and Wilhelm Gustloff precedes any alleged Holocaust by years.

    Israeli nuclear threat will explode at Israeli face….because its question of time that Arabs will have nuke…….and Zionists will face their final fate at Masada.

    However world will not let Jews kill their own children as they did 2000 years ago….we will save their children………however if Zionsist want to commit suicide they are welcome to do that

  • NicoleminCT

    I am not sure if you ever have the time, but listen to Hitler’s speech about how Jews want to turn Germans into the Palestinians.
    The myth circulated in the West – Remember Europe has laws to imprison anyone perceived as a holocaust denier is that the State of Israel is a direct result of Nazi Germany.
    The truth in the matter is the Rothchilds owned the British after the loss at Waterloo. Hence, why the British government betrayed the Saudis ‘Hussein McMahon agreement’. In 1917, the Balfour declaration was addressed to no other than ‘Lord Rothchild’.
    The contingency for the right of Israel to ‘exist’ would be to NOT interfere with Palestine’s right to self determination. Clearly, the world sees just how well that’s panned out.
    Jews were arriving to Palestine in DRONES. There are countless documents and photographs which have survived showing Jewish refugees holding signs outside of ships docking into British controlled Palestine.
    As far as children in Palestine being used as human shields. Everyone knows Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison. Where are they supposed to go? Up and disappear like a flatulence in the wind I suppose.
    It’s also helpful to notate that Hitler was welcomed into power as a direct result of Russian Bullshavicks. Jewish controlled. Are you aware that Lazar Kaganovich ‘The Ukranian Butcher’ is directly responsible ‘red coat army’ of 6 million Christian Ukrainians in their man made famine? Of course, this information is blotted out in the West after world war 2 and those who know the truth are pretty much silenced.
    The Western citizens are morally bankrupted and mentally hypnotized by corrupted leaders shoving the ‘not so Christian’ pro Zionist agenda down the throats of the American Goy. Note the below photo is not of Hamas shooting off weapons and bombs to murder innocent people who are illegally occupied under a false guise of religious superiority.

  • NicoleminCT

    Remember the history. 🙂

  • NicoleminCT

    This historical evidence says it all to anyone with an IQ above that of a rug.

  • Lion Heart

    Very moving—pictures were equivalent of million words